Fixing wrong extensions

Around Thursday, April 7, 2016 5PM UTC time, I was adding ICO support to backend and testing ICO uploads when I noticed that every url upload returns jpg as the image extension for every image. this is the minor issue for users since modern browsers doesn't care about the image extensions, but there was a little issue since the image delivery system gets the image content type by the image extension. A fix was quickly applied as I was familiar with the function that misbehaved. so the uploads after should be fine.

But what about the images uploaded before the fix?
It was already night here, so I deiced to add the fix for those images the next day. since I will be touching the main scripts and raw images that powers the site and I don't want mess any of that.

Fast forward to today, I just shipped the extension correction to the system, but it will occur in batches. It there so that I can monitor if any thing goes wrong.

The extension correction will update the database so that image view page will get the correct extension. if the image is already shared with the wrong extension, a redirection pointer will be added so it will be redirected to the correct extension.

To find if you images were affected, click the image edit button in the image view page and you will see a notice like below.

image lgo

UPDATE: (Saturday, April 9, 2016 2PM UTC)

Extension correction is done, and 537 of images were affected. The extension redirection is working smoothly. I have added a new panel in the dashboard to view the images that were affected for the registered users.

Below are the full stats as a pie chart. Enjoy


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