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Codes: Time Elpased

As promised here are some codes powering BeeIMG. this php function is very useful to the users, we use it almost everywhere. It converts time to easy human readable format. when the second string is set to false, it will return the first 10 seconds of the time as 'Just now'. this was later added to calculate time of the real time image views. to use it time elapsed($time) or time elapsed($time,true)

Updates: Imgur Oauth

As we said in the twitter oauth post, twitter was the last addition to the ouath system for a while, to keep the system simple. Now you can login and register using your imgur account. In the future we hope to add reddit, but it will take some time to implement. The current ouath login system is a complete mess and some times you will be thrown to a error here and there. As the twitter email limitation was recently removed, now you can register using your twittter account. for the registered members we added an ouath account settings page, which you can find in the dashboard. We also fixed the albums system completely. also if you are BeeIMG Firefox addon user, make sure to update to the newest version. For more updates at real time time follow our twitter feed at Thank you for reading.