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BeeIMG in 2015

Happy New Year All! Hope you earned the new year badge. (time zones doesn't matter) Go back to how we looked at the feb 9 2015. Nothing much changed right? In this year we have hosted more than 18,000 images, have served close to 71 million image views, using 16 TB of bandwidth. According to Google analytics we had 36,979 page views in 2014 and most users are from USA followed by Russia. 2014 Dec 2015 Dec Increase Images 11,000 18,000 +7,000 Image views 65 million 71 million +6 million Bandwidth 12 TB 16 TB +4 TB Looking back at 2015, the growth was decreased. but we added IPv6 and HTTP2 support and upgraded our upload page. In the backend we moved from apache to lighttpd and nginx in order lower the server load. When switching to nginx we added support for real time image views too. also we upgraded to the very new &

PHP 7 Upgrade

Time for Christmas decorations,I thought. A few days ago PHP7(.0) was released and hearing about it's performance improvements. I was so eager to add PHP7 support to BeeIMG. After upgrading to PHP7 the nginx front end started serving server errors. The image serving was down too, due to php socket change in lighttpd. But since I was prepared for it images were back in a few minutes. during that time nginx served the cached images and only the non cached images were affected. The site was down due to missing its php memcache module. I quickly put the site in maintenance mode and removed the memcache caching, most parts of the the site was back up. The image views was collected in the redis server and were not lost. After building the redid php module manually, real time views were back online. Next day I spent time fixing the other parts of the site, which occurred mostly due to memcache module. memcache caching was replaced with redis and I added a contingency along, so even if the