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BeeIMG in 2014

Happy New Year All! Hope you earned the new year badge. This is how we looked at the beginning of 2014. Nothing much changed right? In this year we have hosted more than 11,000 images, have served nearly 65 million image views using 12.5 TB of bandwidth. According to GA we had 249,529 page views and 136,212 visits in 2014 and most users are from USA. 2013 Dec 2014 Dec Increase Images 3,000 11,000 +8,000 Image views 25 million 65 million +40 million Bandwidth 6 TB 12 TB +6 TB Looking back at 2014: we added Twitter and Facebook log in, new profile page, a dashboard to view all the image data in one place and we upgraded our systems to handle more views and added more thumbnail sizes. In the coming year we would like to add more image sizes in images as current thumbs are only for the use of the site. Also we would like to add