Recent Hiccups May 2016

We faced some blackouts recently, and it was because we got very popular in china. The images that was generating lot of traffic were violating our »

Fixing wrong extensions

Around Thursday, April 7, 2016 5PM UTC time, I was adding ICO support to backend and testing ICO uploads when I noticed that every url upload »

Lowering the Server Load Part 2

Don't use PHP for real time events. That's what we learned, when we switched to real time image views. At the time memory load was high »

Codes: Time Elpased

As promised here are some codes powering BeeIMG. this php function is very useful to the users, we use it almost everywhere. It converts time to »

Updates: Imgur Oauth

As we said in the twitter oauth post, twitter was the last addition to the ouath system for a while, to keep the system simple. Now »