HTTP2 support and Real-time image views

first of all these features have been implemented for some time but I haven't had time to write a blog post.

First http2 is the newest version of http and it bring some new features to the table. Since the http2 is currently in ALPHA stage not all the features have been implemented. Also http2 currently works over ssl connections only. It is not(yet!) stable on http connections. Speaking of ssl we just renewed our ssl cert. Kudos to startssl for the free cert.

Secondly real-time images view was a feature that was on the old image serving system. Since we moved to the new system to serve images faster and to improve performance, we had to collect the image stats with a delay some time as 1 hour. Later we reduced it to half hour. Since then we have experimenting to bring it back to real-time and here it is. Also the image views page has been updated to view the image views in realtime. The rest of the site will catch up soon.

Since there was lack of users, we removed the forum to give the server more head space to serve more images. but we did launch our support system at feel free to drop us a ticket if you have any questions.

So that's it for today. Thanks for reading.

(PS: the draft of this post had been written with edge on windows 10 mobile, on a Lumia 625. Thought you should know 😆)


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