BeeIMG's New Uploader BETA

For those who haven't followed our Twitter feed or visit our site for a while, BeeIMG's New Uploader page is live. Well, sort of. For a while we tested the page in Alpha but the page is in Beta stage now.

As for new features the front end is completely rewritten and unified. The current (old after a while) page was coded when the site was started, it haven't seen a major rewrite till now. that page was simple as it started, but when users requested new features they were added on the go, without a rewrite so the page was heavy, complex and slow for many users.

The current page will be kept in a separate URL as new page is backward compatible. The new page only uses only a few new back-end functions, which won't interfere with the old page.

As of the writing this article a new version(BETA1) of the page is currently in testing. It has a feedback form which anyone can use to submit your impressions, bugs, improvements about new the page easily. Also, it will have new code which will enable you to test uploading images via URL which is currently disabled due to the absence of a new back-end function.

A complete article detailing the changes and comparing the new and old pages will be written when the page is deployed to production.

also you can now earn the BETA badge when testing the new upload page.

Happy testing.


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