Lowering the Server Load

As you all may know we had a lot of downtime's last month, that was because of Apache. Overtime I fine tuned the Apache server, but the server kept crashing.

Few days ago we installed nodebb on our server and moved the blog to the same server. node uses a lot of ram so the server crashing increased.

So the alternative was to use nginx to server the php back-end or to use another server to serve the php back-end. As nginx rewrites are very different than Apaches and it made the converting rules more difficult. So we decided to use lighttpd (the light Apache)

Now the site runs faster and specially it has no downtime. The server load is very low, and can handle a big load if needed.

We also updated the bootstrap to 3.3.5 and I am currently working on a new simplified upload page and setting up the forum. We also updated the about us page.

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Thanks for reading.


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