Back-end Upgrades and More Thumbnail sizes

As some of you know this month our system was not much stable and suffered some big down times. To fix the issues, we did a big system upgrade on 20th that lasted over 3 hours. (upgrade log)
During the system upgrade we moved from apache2 to nginx. After several days of tweaking we got the site stable and moved the image serving back end to v2! It works faster now and should handle 3x requests than before.

After moving the image serving back end to v2 we decided the upgrade the thumbnails serving back end. Now you can get 4 sizes of thumbnails. The sizes are below.

XS - 50x50
SM - 100x100
MD - 300x300
LG - 500x500

All thumbnails will be served as JPG but if the browser supports it will be served as WEBP images.

The site upgrade also added some more bugs to the site, we are working to fix them, some of them are already fixed.

Thanks for reading.


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