New Dashboard and v2

We have successfully finished coding of the new user dashboard of BeeIMG and it will mark the end development of BeeIMG v1. We will be adding bug fixes to current system, but no new features will be added.

The new dashboard has 3 new charts/panels with country, referrals and image view data. In the new chart image views, it is categorized by day, so you can view the day you had the most image views. Although you can't see the countries for individual images yet, the data collected in shown in a nice chart as top countries. Newest tweets from @uberfacts is shown in the today panel.

The plan was to start coding v2 when Bootstrap 4 was available but, to get a head start and to use a new cool UI framework, the coding of v2 will be starting on this December. Hopefully Bootstrap 4 will be released in the next year and it will be merged to v2. More info on v2 will be posted as a separate blog post soon.

Thanks for reading.


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