New profile page and login error (PM)

In the past few days we have been a little silenced. but we are back and the login issue that made new logins to fail was occurred due to upgrading of the new profile page. It is fixed now.

In the last days we created a new profile page and worked lots of days to take out the bugs. its totally mobile friendly and mobile tested. the new page is cached up to 10 mins. we decided to cache the data to reduce the database load and speed up the page. if a user requests, we can add a clear cache for the profile page owners. (if you want that feature, please use the contact page or comment below)

currently we are working on translating BeeIMG to several languages. currently we are working to add Sinhala language. if you want to help to translate BeeIMG to your local language, contact us using the contact page. also we plan on making a monthly email notification system that sends the usage of the user for the past month.

PS: we just upgraded the blog to ghost 0.4.2 :)

Thanks for reading..


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