Updates: Google Oauth And Referrers Info

After a while we did some changes to the system. here is the walkthrough of todays upgrades and updates.

We had the oauth registration and login setuped up for a while but as it needed to be completely checked it was hidden from the users. we recently moved from our own mailer system to Mailgun mailer system, so the emaling had to rewritten. As the first Oauth service we give you the very popular google. next we hope to implement facebook which will be made public on the next year. Also we hope to make a facebook app so you can upload to BeeIMG from facebook.

Setting up a account at BeeIMG via Google is simple. If you already has a account you will be given a chance to link it. If not a account will be created and linked.

Referrers info for members was hidden due to high load in the past months. we made the system cleaner and faster. Now the data will be collected from random users and dynamic urls will be deleted to keep referrers table clean and simple. also the Referrer urls will be cleaned according to the user rank. currently only the domain and the number of urls can be seen but in the future you can view the urls too.

Image edit feature is back and the bugs are fixed. you can give titles to unverified images now.

We have already created a BeeIMG support page which is not yet made public. It was created using freshdesk. after implementing the single sign on feature which can be used to create a ticket using a BeeIMG account, the support page will be made public at BeeIMG. you can create a ticket by visiting beeimg.freshdesk.com or by sending a mail to support@beeimg.com.


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