The new upload page is now live

After a long month of testing the new upload page is live. it's our birthday today, so we decided to add a little something extra and change the header layout. so what's new in the upload page?

well the new upload page is the same to every user. and it's optimized to be fast. first we removed the 6 tabs(6 methods of uploading :D) and reduced it to 2.
the new file upload is based on the resumable file upload that was previously available only to registered members. its fast and you can pause or resume uploads. on mobile we decided to change the chunk size so the upload is faster and uninterpreted even for users who use 2G.
the new url upload is completely rewritten and those who are wondering if you can paste multiple URLs like in the old upload page, well you can with the new upload page too. just add an space between the URLs and you are good to go.
also now you can drag and drop files and use CRT-V to paste images from the clipboard. how cool is that.

All the new features are available to non-registered users with the exception of image deletion. we also bumped the maximum number of uploads by 5 to all users, so now non-registered users can upload up to 10 files or URLs in one go.

Speaking of the old upload page it is available to users in a different url, just click the blue button on the new page and you can use the old upload page.

The new upload page is clearly fast and by only using 3 requests less than the old page and saving nearly 20 KB. we also optimized the whole site. you can view our Pingdom results below.

Old page -!/Iw6ZC/
New page -!/bKknl8/

for those who want really, really fast page load, we are working on a new really simple upload page. which when is production is less than 5KB. the project is open source on github.

Thanks for reading.


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