Amsterdam Server and Forum

Hello all,

Some of you may know that we had a 2 hour of downtime at the end of the last month. It had caused us to rethink the single server situation. As you some of you are expecting reliable uptime from BeeIMG.

To keep a good uptime we have added a new Server in Amsterdam. Currently this will be round robin balanced and will proxy back traffic from our Paris server. However Images will be cached in this POP, so if the Paris server goes down cached images will be served from it. We have been working on load balancing the server in past few days, and getting the live image system improved to handle the new server.
In the future we will add a storage POP for Amsterdam server, but to do this the image management system should be improved.

We also had extra capacity on the AMS server, so we decided to bring back the BeeIMG forum. Its live now on You can login to it using your BeeIMG account. Feel Free to pop by the forum and share your options.

Thanks for reading.


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