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Updated Image View Page

Well, I thought of revealing another new thing before this, but it's not ready yet. this is one of the many new improvements done under the hood this year. so lets get to it. The last time we redid the image view was 2 years(forever) ago. that page is so old, it doesn't work now. this new page has more improvements on the way. The image is now held in a back background and its big now. the image title has moved to below the image. also the image descriptions are back. we are hoping to add tags too. beside the title is the edit button. if the image is captured using a camera, a small camera button will appear beside the edit button and when clicked, it will show you things like the model of the camera, ISO, aperture shutter speed, etc. there are 2 full screen buttons on the page and first one is on the image, to view image in full screen and the other is on the new stats bar. (checkout the stats bar in full screen because its so cool) and now the stats bar features a real time t

Why use BeeIMG? & How it Works (2016)

This post is now outdated. an updated post is available at Nowadays there are tons and tons of image hosting sites to choose from. Most of them are powered with chevereto (A Premium script), scripts available at codecanyon (Premium scripts) and using scripts that are available for free. Newbies/Webmasters who want to earn money buys and put these scripts in a server and offer the service for free. Only a handful of sites are coded from scratch and we are proud to say that we are one of them. As the bandwidth usage is very high for image hosting site, most of the sites uses cloudflare to cache the images and save their own bandwidth. but we use cloudflare to only serve the site content, not the images. How are we different form others? we can start with the image serving process. It uses PHP & nginx to serve you the image other than linking to it directly. It's like a virtual image and the best thing i