Stability Improvements 2020

Hi all, Since we detected that the site was operating in a degraded status causing increase rate of 500 server errors, we checked the servers and found the memory usage was high on all servers. To remedy that we upgraded the database server and rebooted all app servers clearing the memory on them and these steps reduced the error rate. Also we improved loading balancing and fail-over logic in the frontend servers. It is due to these improvements and improved thumb image caching, that we were able to release the search page to public. Earlier we constrained with less data and errors on creating thumbnail images on the results page. Please enjoy the improved service and please do reach us, if you find the service not fast enough. Thanks. Also read the stability improvements we did in 2019 in this post:

Stability Improvements 2019

Hello all, Over the past few weeks BeeIMG has been a little unstable and just wanted to clarify on what happened. In the first unstable issue which in November were caused by our server provider doing maintenance on our servers. Our AMS node got hanged up during the maintenance and had to be manually restarted. However the impact on the service was minimal and the maintenance on our CDG node affected our service as its where our databases is hosted. After the maintenance the db server had been moved to under performing hypervisor and started to slow down the site. We had to move the server again to a better server. Forward to December, one on of our free customers started hitting with lot of image view per second and this overloaded memory on AMS server and to redis node to fail. Making maters worse AMS server ran out of disk space. when a fail over to CDG happened the traffic overload that servers redis node and caused the service to fail. The site served 503 errors durin

Amsterdam Server and Forum

Hello all, Some of you may know that we had a 2 hour of downtime at the end of the last month. It had caused us to rethink the single server situation. As you some of you are expecting reliable uptime from BeeIMG.

Issue Regarding Yahoo and Microsoft Mail Delivery

Last week we noticed that mailgun has lot of mail bounces from outlook mail address, because the mail delivery IP had been blocked. Usually mailgun fixes these issues automatically, but the issue was not solved after several days, so we asked them to change the IP. They refuced to do it because our bounce rate was high. This was a given as mailgun was mainly used to confirm valid mail address. To fix it one option is to deliver mail by ourself, but since our server is IPv6 only, this won't work. Second option is get our bounced rate back down by adding a notice in the registration page and making the backend validation more tougher. Which we took this option and while some users used a tempary email address(which is okay) some users were still adding non-existing email address. To combact it, now we will send confirmation email by checking out the email address manually. This will take upto 24 hours. Also the upload page has been enabled to all users, so they can upload imag

BeeIMG App Lite Alpha

We have taken our time to make a simple app to upload images. Currently this app is in alpha and We are first releasing the windows app first followed by the Linux app . If you like to try out the linux app please use the contact form First Download the Windows App from the below URL:  (9.13 MB) Open it and extract to anywhere you like, and run the exe file. Refresh the desktop and click on BeeIMG icon If there is a rundll error ignore it Use the contact form and select Request API key from the dropdown menu and ask for a API key Set the API key you have to set it everytime you open the app Use the button the select files to upload The image URL will be on the text form below Send bugs, new feature in the contact form Enjoy!

ICO images 0 view bug

Hello all, We just fixed a bug where images with ICO extension doesn't get recorded with our image view counters. This caused images with ICO images to have 0 images views and might have caused the system to mark the image as inactive. We are very sorry if this caused any image loss. There is nothing we can do to get deleted images back and we don't even have any stats on how many images got deleted as we delete inactive images with 0 views from our database as well. Our image view counter are real time and near real time on high views, so please contact us if your images doesn't get tracked. We have done a full check on ICO ext images so it works correctly now. Thanks for reading.

Recent Hiccups May 2016

We faced some blackouts recently, and it was because we got very popular in china. The images that was generating lot of traffic were violating our TOS, but as they were generating lot of traffic and I thought it was a good time to stress test our image delivery systems. At first we were handling the load fine. after some time our redis server start acting wired. the issue was with dumping the db to disk, but as the images were generating lot of data the redis server crashed. we started to migrate the all gif images to be served by our CDN while still collecting views data. but at some point our real time stats handling script started to fail due to redis connection issues. after that the data started to collect and the redis server crashed every time it was started. While all that was happening we noticed that our php front end started throwing errors. this was due the connectivity issues to our redis server. The image serving end do not use redis server and was not afflicted. its usi