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Hello all,

We have been a little silent lately. Today we upgraded our blog to ghost. It is still in beta(0.3) version, but we will upgrade to new versions as soon as they comes out. when upgrading we said goodbye to wordpress and moved to ghost. we had to install nodejs to get ghost to working as it runs on js. we are proxying nodejs via apache to get the blog working on port 80. all posts were moved from wordpress to ghost. we also implemented disqus for commenting and moved all the images to cloudinary. As soon as we make the wordpress and ghost plugins we will move them to BeeIMG.

During the last month we upgraded BeeIMG to Bootsrap 3 successfully. We had a few downtimes lately. so we hope to stabilize BeeIMG before introducing new features. If you have new ideas feel free to contact us from here.

Enjoy BeeIMG.


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