Why use BeeIMG & How it Works



Nowadays there are tons and tons of image hosting sites to choose from. Most of them are powered with chevereto(A Premium script), scripts available at codecanyon(Premium scripts) and using scripts that are available for free. Newbies who want to earn money buys and put these scripts in a server and offer the service for free. only a handful of sites use their own scripts.

We BeeIMG are trying to develop a script using most popular programming languages in this planet and offer features that other sites don't offer for Free!.

We can start with the image serving process. It uses PHP to serve you the image other than linking to it directly. It's like a virtual image and the best thing is we have total control over the link you share with world. your images are safe and sound in another place in the server. we sent headers according to our needs and redirect to a CDN if the sever load is high. also image tracking and bandwith calculating is also possible with this system. using this we can even cache the content to serve the content faster.

From the start our system uses a multi-sever code. since its the beginning we don't have multiple servers yet but we save contents in 2 different folders for the future use. so once we get multiple servers we can load balance, serve images from your nearest server, and give you tons of space to host your images.

Finally If you have any questions regarding our system, feel free to drop a mail or contact us.


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