Database change (Redis) and recent updates

In this post I am going to tell you guys about the recent changes at BeeIMG that were made during the past few days.

We did a major change in storing the image views. We changed from MySQL to Redis, which will hopefully decrease the image serving time. If we had MySQL further soon it will get overloaded due to the high image views we are receiving. only image views are stored on Redis and every 30 minutes the MySQL server will also get updated. so you can only view live stats via the image view page.
we also cached the stats page memcache so the it does't create much turbulent in the server(Redis). It will be only cached for 2 minutes.

we also removed cloudflare caching and it will be only activated when the sever is on high load. our plan with NetDNA for CDN will expire on August and I am not very much happy with their service. The reason is that they are very expensive and their Asia nodes have to be bought separately as a add-on and the add-on too is very expensive. so I have planned to move to cloudflare after August as cloudflare has Asia nodes,they are fast and mainly cause they are free.

During the past few days the Reputation system was giving out errors and did not work properly. The first coded reputation system was a bit confusing for me too. So I decided to re-code it from the scratch. This time I tied to stay simple and it worked. Now it's really easy to understand and use 80% less MySQL queries than before. but there was catch. I had to remove the Reputation page which I believed gave no use to users and used up space in the database. As the reputation system uses less queries now it update every 30 minutes also you can manually update it too. Now the Rep points will be awarded as follow,

For a uploaded image - (+1) point
For voting on a image - (+1) point
For a positive vote on you image - (+1) point
For a negative vote on you image - (-1) point
For making a album - (+1) point

And as you can see we also changed the our blog template. There was also some smaller changes and updates that doesn't worth mentioning here.
If there is any problem,a bug or a feature you would like to be implemented on BeeIMG don't hesitate to contact me from here.

There will be more updates as well as upgrades to run BeeIMG smoothly and as you like it. Also I am planning to post some the codes that BeeIMG is made of, on here on the blog. so stay tuned... Thanks for reading :)


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